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Month: October 2016

Business Evolution Over Time

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Let us remember the time when business was done behind the counter, and the walk-in customer was granted a smile while tending the cash to the teller. We also remember the time when trains, boats, and containers were used to deliver merchandise, and the same transportation systems were practically used to bring back large parcels of cash in payment for the merchandise purchased.

The world has evolved. The banks have introduced checks and other forms of payment. Computers have been invented. To respond to the growing demand of businesses, thousands of brilliant technicians invented sophisticated software programs, and, the Internet was born. Communication waves, relayed by satellites, travel through space and time in the blink of an eye. Whether at sea or in the air, once you can get access to a network, you can keep doing business with the world by using the Internet.

Translation engines connect people from various countries and different languages, facilitating an exchange of goods and services, eliminating most of the time the need for a verbal dialogue. Unless it is for specific customer services that require the physical presence of an agent to finalize a transaction, most of the time, eye contact is not necessary. The Internet serves as a core vehicle to make all that possible.

A few keys pressed from a keyboard will complete a sale or purchase from your home computer or the one in the office, at the total satisfaction of somebody on the other side of the globe.

Global worldwide banking systems, such as,  offer money transfer and charges; payments through suitable wired or wireless technology are available on a twenty-four-hour basis. To execute a complicated task nowadays, most businesspeople don’t need to hire a staff of expert and spend a recurring fee to be in business as usual.

Several advantages are somewhat unique to the Internet. With a minimum of effort, store-owners are in business with the world by using the Internet. Thousands of people have set up shops, marketplaces (ie. Amazon), stores as websites. Today, people are buying online without having to leave the front door of their houses or the office desk.

The cost of doing business with the world by using the Internet is no greater than a few hundred a year in any world money. It is so easy to customize a website and own a domain name to open and manage an Internet business; most would agree that it is cheaper than opening a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

The rapid growth of the Internet has changed the speed of doing business. Today you are in contact with the world anytime an Internet connection is available, and that means plenty of business opportunities. Many Internet businesses require nothing more than an Internet connection, very little maintenance, and a product or service that meets worldwide consumers needs.

In our next post, we will cover examples of Internet businesses that you can start today. Stay tuned!